Radcliffe Home Help Services

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Care in the Community

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Regular Scheduled Visits

Radcliffe Home Help Services is able to provide required services through multiple package options that can be tailored to suits your lifestyle and needs. Each element of our packages is designed to provide the highest quality of care available:

Our most common and flexible package option allows you to select when and how frequently services are provided to provide the best possible level of care. Visits can be scheduled at fixed times on selected days with packages starting at single visits, through to four or more visits each day.

Sitting Service

Our sitting service is designed to provide friends and relatives the opportunity to have a break in the knowledge that there will be someone with you at all times. Our sitting service ranges from short breaks of 30 minutes through to 24 hours a day.

Holiday Respite Service

We also offer a Holiday Respite Service, where one of our professional team will call in and check that you or your loved ones are comfortable and ok whilst relatives are away on holiday. The level of support can be tailored to your situation, so whether 30 minutes a day or someone there all of the time, we can help.

Hospital Recovery Support

Recovering from time in hospital can be a difficult for both you and your family but our Hospital Recovery packages are designed tailored specifically to support the recovery process.  Our services are available as long as you require them and you can always change the level of support as you get stronger.

Live-in Care

The level of live-in care we offer can be tailored to your situation, so whether 2-3 days per week or more, we can help. We are always happy to adapt any of our package options in any way possible to assist clients.  

Individual visits can vary in duration, starting from 30 minutes and where necessary can also include multiple carers to ensure more complex care is provided safely e.g. transferring of clients to and from bed or for washing.