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Care in the Community

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"My Nan was lucky as she had plenty of family around to assist, but I couldn't help thinking what if she had very little or worse still no family to help. It wasn't a nice thought. I started thinking about all those people left in their own homes without support or that end up in rest homes unnecessarily. It must be a horrible feeling knowing that you are struggling to cope with even the simplest of tasks."


"People are happier living at home and whilst they may not be able to do the things we take for granted, with specialist help they can focus on the things that they can do and leave the rest to us. Times have moved on from being sent to a care home, with more and more people wanting to stay in their own homes for as long as possible and with our help clients can do just that".


"Our services are designed to help anyone that needs it - you don't need to be disabled nor elderly, you could just need some help with jobs around the house, and we like to think that we can provide our services to anyone."


"So this is how I ended up creating this company. From an unfortunate situation something positive resulted and that was Radcliffe Home Help Services.”

Donna Bailey - the name behind Radcliffe Home Help Services


Donna Bailey founded Radcliffe Home Help Services as a direct result of personal experience. In 2008, her grandmother underwent a life changing operation. During the weeks that followed Donna really started to appreciate the difference high quality care can make to people’s lives:


“My Nan was very independent and for several months following her operation there wasn't much she could do for herself. She was spending more and more time in bed and before long it was obvious that depression was creeping in."


"Her independence had been taken away, with the simple things that we all take for granted no longer possible. Whether going down to the shops, meeting her friends to have a good natter, keeping her house spotless or cooking - everything suddenly became difficult.


"Even taking a shower without help was impossible. The only thing she had to look forward to was the weekly trip to the hospital for physiotherapy to get her strength back and train to walk with an artificial leg."