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Your first contact with Radcliffe Home Help Services should be as simple and informative as possible, so we'll work together through the following steps:

Your first contact will be an introductory call with Donna and the team, allowing us to understand what services you are looking for Radcliffe Home Help Services to provide. From here we will arrange a date to visit you for a thorough face-to-face Care Needs Assessment.

At your Care Needs Assessment, Donna will complete a detailed review of your needs which will include an in-depth care risk assessment. This ensures we are fully aware of your situation so that our carers can help you in the most professional way possible.

To ensure clients feel as comfortable as possible, all carers are personally introduced by someone the client has already met.  This allows for continuity of care and ensures a detailed introduction and handover.  

Radcliffe Home Help Services aim to match carers to clients based on the services required and the personality of the client and carer.  The latter is very important to how we operate as the personal interaction is a key factor in why we are so successful.  

Client Introduction

Care Needs Assessment

Commencement of Services

Consistency of Carers

As the manager of Radcliffe Home Help Services, it’s important for Donna to prepare this assessment so you get to meet the person responsible and accountable for any services you go on to receive.

After this meeting we will create a Care Plan which outlines everything carers need to know about you before they visit and exactly what our carers will help you with on each visit. Your Care Plan is a versatile document which can be amended should any changes be neccessary to the care we provide. Alongside this we will provide you with a prospective visit schedule and clear information about the cost of the proposed services.

Once you and your loved ones are satisfied with your Care Plan, we'll set a firm date for your visits to begin.

Appointments begin at the time that the carer arrives which unless previously agreed will be at the client’s home.  Please note that any subsequent time spent travelling will be included in the total time for the visit e.g. travelling to the supermarket.

We also look to minimise the number of carers that visit each client. Consistently providing the same carers maximises both continuity and familiarity for all involved.